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Pre-Budget Statement (June)
During the first week of June, the Minister of Economy and Finance prepares a draft instructive circular on draft budget preparation techniques by specifying the formality and procedures of budgeting, together with an explanatory note, and relevant documents to be submitted to the Royal Government (Council of Ministers) for review and approval. After reviewing and approval, it becomes the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) instructive circular which will be sent to ministers, institutions, similar public entities, and sub-national administrations to prepare their detailed budget revenues and expenditures. The circular provides information (previous and current year macroeconomic performance and projection for coming budget or fiscal year) that links government policies and budgets. This statement should be published before the Executive’s Budget Proposal (Draft Budget Law) and typically sets forth the broad parameters that will define the government’s forthcoming budget.

Ministers of all ministries, heads of institutions, and heads of similar public entities prepare their detailed revenue and expenditure budget for national and sub-national administrations based on the instructive circular on the budget preparation techniques and their policy priorities. These budget plans will be sent to the Minister of Economy and Finance on the 15th of July at the latest. With these plans, the MEF will combine and sum up the revenue and expenditure plans submitted by the Ministries, Institutions, similar public entities, provinces and cities prior to debates and defense of the draft budget with these ministries and agencies in August.

This circular like the first circular can be found timely in the Government Official Gazettes published between between June and July each year. The Government Official Gazettes can be bought at the General Department of Gazette and Computer Service of the Council of Ministers (located at Kampuchea Krom Boulevard and in front of Sydney Supermarket). It can also be found in the Volume I of the State Budget Management Documents (there are four Volumes) published by the MEF between January and February during each fiscal year. Copies of the four budget document volumes are available upon request at the MEF Budget Department.
Budget Working Group
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